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Kalixo Labs LLC is a consulting firm specializing in computational chemistry at the electronic and molecular level, data pipeline optimization, molecular biophysics simulations, and continuum modeling for larger systems.

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Bringing your company into the future is no easy task. Industries have been bound to the technologies they were founded on for decades, and integrating new research into those technologies can be a challenge for even the most modern business. Kalixo Labs is a partner in this ever changing world; you bring the problem, we find the solution. Simple as that.

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Biophysical Modeling

Modeling of proteins and ligands for energetic calculations and dynamical interactions to provide binding site...

Computational Chemistry

Understanding your products and materials is key to growing your business. Kalixo Labs will provide detailed analysis...

Data Solutions

Leveraging data to accelerate and optimize your research and development processes is key to maintaining an advantage in...

Our Difference

Kalixo Labs LLC grew out of a need for knowledgable partners in the computational sciences. Bridging the gap between academic research and business applications allows for better access to groundbreaking technology, better products, and a better world.

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